Friday, June 28, 2013


Last night Buffalo’s 48 Hour Film Project continued the mixed results of working under the block, again in block “B” some entertainment but no standout masterpieces – each flawed in their own way (again filmmakers are encouraged to reach out to us with their links via email, so that we can re-watch and write-up a formally review)

Forever (by The Lone Rangers) was an uninspired tale of unrequited love – a man and a sports car he becomes fixated on over at Elmwood Ave. The production values and sound are very spotting with the bulk of it looking almost like it was shot on a mobile phone.

Tatanka Rises in Buffalo Falls (by Tatanka) was a very strong standout with really well crafted performances, a catch hook and a lot of atmosphere. Tatnka drew the super hero genre but this one with smart, craft special effects is a well-acted character drama that’s pretty polished given the 48-Hour Time Fame.

Hope (Hot Iron Production) quite good performances and a little uneven camera work and sound mixing hold this one back. Working in the “buddy movie” genre they may have something here with a little more time in post.

The Meeting (Fuzzy Logic Inc) – a “dark comedy” that doesn’t really land many laughs about an “AA” meeting – told as a silent film for some reason it’s just doesn’t work.

Incanto (I.N.I.T.A.L Pictures) – drawing the horror genre I.N.I.T.A.L chose to go for a supernatural film, the only problem is it’s a horror movie with zero scares.

Little Things – (by Rivers Ink’d) – a well crafted small character study set in the “vacation/holiday” genre about a young man who returns to patch things up with his ex (and his sister). The brother/sister dynamic is pretty good although the story takes a few detours it should – with a little tighter story this one could be a delightful, atmospheric outing.

Nailed It (Reciprocity) – a musical that gets off on the wrong ‘note’ (see what I did there) with an obnoxious opening that kind of does very little. The film reminds me of that recent Taylor Swift coke commercial, the performances are okay but it’s a tad choppy. A director’s cut has been promised.

Love After Death (Idle Entertainment) – from last year’s winners, Idle comes a zombie-apocalypse romantic comedy. It has fun moments but it’s virtually a remake of Warm Bodies.

Shades of Assumption (Hate This Team) – hate this is for damn sure: I’m instantly turned off when you’re told to “hate this” – like that song “hi hater” it’s a blank check to do something awful, cause “we told ya so, hater”. Shades of Assumption is technically well made but its story is a thin play on racial tropes (they all look a like) with no other commentary. Tupac was dealing with this in the 90’s – “thug life, that’s my statement” – Shades of Assumption feels dated by a decade or two.

The official ‘Best of’ screening and awards take place on July 17th at the Helium Night Club – from the 48 Hour’s site:

Best Of Screening

Date  Wednesday, July 17
Time  7pm
Place  Helium Comedy Club30 Mississippi St, Buffalo, NY 14203
Tickets  $10 (purchase them here)
Notes  Our Best of Screening & Awards show will be held this year at Helium Comedy Club on Wednesday July 17th at 7pm. Join us before the screening to mingle and talk with other filmmakers in the restaurant section of the Helium Night Club. Tickets will be available to purchase online directly through Helium's website or you can purchase at the door. Tickets will be $10. If you haven't been to Helium Comedy Club yet you should check it out. While watching the films food & drink service will be available to our attendees at your seat.

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